Board Roles

Bill has served on numerous public company boards over the years.  A few highlights include:

Immersion (current): Bill joined the board of this provider of haptics technology in 2019.  Since then, Immersion has reached profitability due to a streamlined expense structure.  The company has also bought back a material number of shares, established a regular dividend and meaningfully improved its balance sheet strength.
Vitesse Semiconductor:  Bill joined the board as part of Raging Capital’s work to recapitalize and turn around this provider of networking semiconductors.  The company was successfully acquired by Microsemi.  A detailed case study is available here. Bill joined the board after Raging Capital accumulated a material position in the aftermath of 2008 in this leading provider of compensation data.  During his time there, he helped to bring in a new CEO as well as spearhead the successful sale of the company to Kenexa (a public company which was later acquired by IBM).
Bankrate:  Bill spent nearly ten years on the board of this leading marketplace for consumer loan and interest rate data.  The board role was hands-on and included direct consulting in the early years, as the company had to be restructured and turned around after the dot-com implosion.  Over Bill’s tenure, Bankrate became very profitable and made a number of successful acquisitions.  Bankrate stock increased 1,500% from when Bill joined the board in 2000 until it was sold in 2009, and at one point was up more than 200x from its year-end 2000 lows and mid-2000 (pre-2008) highs.